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Information Technology Specialist


Born in Nashville, TN I got an early start back in the 1980’s with my first Commodore Vic 20. I’ve been living and breathing computers ever since. Professionally I’ve been working in the field of computers for over 20 years here in Tennessee.

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    April 8th 1971
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    Cave Exploring, Paramotoring, Hiking
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I enjoy many outdoor activities, when I’m not tied to a computer desk completing a job.  I enjoy hiking with my wife and kids to secluded swimming holes, in an around where we live. In the past I’ve explored many underground caves, mapping and documenting them. Recently I’ve taken to the skies learning to fly paramotors as a new hobby.

I’ve done almost anything and everything in the computer and telephone industry for a living. Enjoyed learning and helping others along the way. It’s my passion to be the best at what I do. Let me help you with your projects!

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Web Design

Building websites since 2000 and have built over a hundred websites. I have built them in many different ways from straight html in a notepad and MS Frontpage. I have used Joomla but prefer WordPress now. I understand Java, PHP and used to create Flash animations.


Love building websites with WordPress as it makes it easier for my clients to control their websites. Every month I’m maintaining, securing, and patching them. Sometimes they break and over the years I’ve seen almost every scenario, fixing them has become fun. I’m currently maintaining over 30 WP sites!


I have been networking computers since the 80’s and lately its about setting up wireless mesh networks or wifi. I’ve setup and maintained a few routers over the years.


I’m great at motivating and managing a team! I have had many jobs where I overseen a crew of people.


Drug Free

I todays world it’s hard to find someone that’s reliable, experienced, and drug free. Look no further than me! I’m able to pass any kind of drug test and will be drug free during my employment with your company.

Background Check

Proud to say I haven’t even had a parking or speeding ticket in many years. No criminal activity in my past.  So if your looking for someone that needs a security clearance, I’m your man!


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John Doe

As soon as I can I will have some testimonials here.

Mary Jennings

No kidding they will be here soon…The testimonials..

Michael Stone


Information Technology Manager - Tri-County Equipment Sales & Service, Inc.

Apr 2019 - Present

I am the Information Technology Manager over four companies. (Tractor Sales dealership, Federated Auto Parts Stores at four locations, Tri-County Rental, and Rocky Top 10 movie theater.) I maintain all the servers, computers, printers, routers, wireless mesh networks, websites and online marketing. I also manage our VOIP phone system, and Canon copiers. At Rocky Top 10 I maintain the projectors and servers and do troubleshooting when there is a problem.

Owner - Electron Media

Jun 2017 - Present

Website Development company for small to large business. We build websites that are owner controlled and are responsive to laptops and cell phones.

Owner - Pack N Mail / Electron PC

May 2013 - Jun 2017

Successful mail and ship store that won Crossville Chronicle’s Best place to Ship award! We also had Electron PC a computer repair center that worked on cell phones and tablets. Electron Media a website development company, in the back of the building has built and maintained over 60 websites.
Managed the store staff and accounting for the business. We supported local businesses with everything from payroll systems to printers and copiers. Sold the shipping business in June of 2017.

Sales Manager / I.T. - Acme Block and Brick Inc.

Jun 2007 - May 2013

Kept all the computers and servers running at peak performance across multiple locations, and maintained our company website. Worked the front counter at the Crossville, TN location and answered the phone and was in charge of telephone and walk in sales. Took care of time clocks, payroll and inventory. On occasions I would dispatch trucks and do purchasing. Was a great family run business that was a pleasure to work for.

General Manager - Computerland

May 2006 - Jun 2007

Operated this small computer business inside Business Express a local mail, copy, and ship store. We was very successful at this location. We sold new computers and computer parts. We repaired many computers and laptops.

Owner - Machineland

Sep 2004 - May 2006

Machineland was operated out of my home. I supported over 250 residential customers and 60 Crossville businesses. I also dabbled in computer recycling at the time.

Sales / Purchasing / Engineering - Alpha Equipment Company

Sep 2002 - Sep 2004

Traveled to other states and purchased telephone central office equipment from and for telephone offices. Tested and engineered equipment of all types related to the industry. Engineered Marconi power systems and built and installed power plants for central offices and cell towers. Sold telecommunications equipment to telephone companies and cable companies. Drove class B commercial trucks at times to de-install or install equipment. Great company to work for and got a wealth of experience and knowledge from.

Timeshare Sales - Wyndham Hotels and Resorts

Jul 2001 - Sep 2002

We toured potential guest around the resort and taught new members how they were going to use their timeshare. I should have paid them for the sales knowledge, and experience I received at Wyndham.

System Administrator - Logging On

Feb 2000 - Jul 2001

Managed an internet service provider back in the time of dial up connections. I managed Cisco routers, Windows 2000 Advanced servers, T1s, and hosted websites. It was a lot of fun running this ISP at what seemed to be the dawn of the internet. Fought off hackers from different parts of the world and learned a lot about how hackers work and successfully kept our servers safe and our clients happy..

Senior Technician - Dell Computer Corporation

Feb 1999 - Feb 2000

I was a senior Tech at Dell in Nashville. I received an award when I was there for the most emails sent to Michael Dell for the most customer satisfaction. I always had other techs follow me everywhere I went asking me information, as they knew I was very knowledgeable about computers.

Senior Technician - Apex Computers

Jan 1998 - Jan 1999

As the lead technician I helped jump started this computer business. We repaired computers, sold computers, built computers, sold hardware, internet connections, and performed onsite service.


Cumberland County – General Educational Development Diploma

Microsoft Advanced Server 2000  – Certification

Microsoft Frontpage – Roane State Community College

Marconi Communications Power Training – Marconi

I.S.O 9000 – ISO

Dell Computer Training – Dell Technologies

Advanced Concrete Staining – Decorative Concrete Institute

Bullet Proof Manager – Crestcom International


Management, Business Adviser, Sales Manager, Computer Repair, Websites, Marketing, Online Marketing, Networking, Movie Theater Projectors, Computer Setup, Video Camera System Installation, Copiers, Printers, Email Setup, Payroll, Purchasing, Telephone, Accounting, Satisfaction, Dispatch, Windows 2000, Databases, Central Office, Central Office Equipment, Forklift Experience, Office Software, Servers and so so much more.



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Feel free to txt or call me at the phone number above. If I don’t answer you I’m with another client and will return your call or text at my earliest convenience. I look forward to helping you with your project!